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Artist : Elephant Kind - The Greatests
Title : Ian Tarigan
Duration : 04:10
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Source : Youtube
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Lirik Elephant Kind - The Greatests

It all begins with love
And in laugh, we're all beginners
I am that innocent

We became dreamers since we couldn't predict the future
And if we made until this moment
Just remember that what brought you here today
Was the curiousity you had yesterday
And it's all magic, until you know the trick
And that's what makes us the greatest

Learnt your magic
Learnt your trick
I'd be your every
It's all come to temptation
Where the greatest
Could it be us

Oh I gotta walk in the valley
Oh I gotta walk in the valley
Oh I gotta walk in the valley
Oh I gotta walk in the valley

I learn your magic
I learn your trick
I learn your magic
Those just a trick

I'm the greatest, the greatest
Don't wait no more, don't let go
And the greatest, the greatest
A casualty to let it fall

Cause the greatest, the greatest
Can't lose, can't back, can't stop to fly
And the fools, and the fools

Learn your magic
Learn your trick